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Chris M. 

Pain Management Physician

I am so, so grateful that I spoke with Aaron about my financial situation.  I had been putting this off for a long time because I didn’t really know who I could trust and money (and debt) makes me very stressed.  When I reached out to Aaron he was very understanding and knowledgeable. His advice has been invaluable and I sleep better at night.

Mark R.


Aaron asked great questions and got to know me and the things that I was most concerned about.  He also helped to educate me and patiently answered all of my questions. Aaron showed me that I was making some fundamental errors with investing and saving for retirement leading to a significant financial impact.  As we concluded, he helped me to understand the financial industry and gave me some great resources and recommendations for keeping the positive momentum going. Thanks Aaron!

Answers to your money questions

from an MD who understands your plight

Residency Was Tough

You're in survival mode, trying not to kill patients while your student loans continue to grow

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Then You're An Attending...

You got a ~5x raise but zero training on

how to build wealth and protect your assets

You Need A Guide

You want expert help, but how do you find it and what should you pay?

Are you're a DIY-er ? I have the tools you need!


History + Review of Systems

I'll help you get organized and review your current financial situation

Simplify the Financial Services Industry

I'll answer your questions about who can be trusted, and why.  This is a safe place to ask anything you want

Identify Financial Knowledge Gaps

I'll show you how the fundamental principles of financial planning apply to your circumstances

Connect you to Trusted Resources

You'll receive a clear, personalized plan of action that identifies acute needs and introduces you to vetted professionals when needed

Here's how it works:

1. Answer this single question to let me get to know you            better ~1 min 


2. Schedule a 60 minute video conference with me,  Money        Nerd, MD

3. We discuss your situation and I answer your questions

4. I provide a summary analysis of important considerations        and appropriate resources and referrals

5. Then pay it forward by helping your fellow physicians with      what you've learned. That's it!


Complimentary to Physicians!


No commissions, ever.

About me


Are you a physician?  I'm an anesthesiologist in Detroit.  I am also a Certified Financial Planner  candidate having passed the exam and required coursework.  



I created Money Nerd, MD to solve a problem I experienced myself:  I was unsure how to take the first step in caring for my finances, who to ask for help or even what questions to ask. 


I didn't know who could be trusted, and honestly, I was afraid to ask stupid questions about money.  I felt vulnerable with my financial situation and I hated that I felt that way.  Maybe you can relate.



This insecurity pushed me to become an expert. I’ve been reading about personal finance almost every day since that point…10 years and counting!


Learn from my journey and get empowered! You don't need to be ruled by your fears.  I created this company to give you the tools you need to feel confident about your finances.